Japanese Head Chef – Hara Eisaku
With over twenty years of experience, Chef Hara worked in multiple renowned restaurants across the world, including Michelin-starred restaurants. Chef Hara’s specialties lies on Tempura as well as Kaiseki Cuisine. He is also a certified fugu (pufferfish) server.

Sushi Head Chef – Suzuki Masahiro
After graduating culinary school, Chef Suzuki obtained his professional training in the Kandaedogin in Tokyo, and worked his way to Head Sushi Chef. From the temperature of the sushi rice to the thickness of the Sashimi, Chef Suzuki pays particular attention on details and will not compromise on quality.

Teppanyaki Head Chef - Arthur Li
Chef Li had worked in numerous renowned Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong, including Chitose (Now Wa San Mai), Unkai at The Sheraton Hotel, Inakaya etc. He is able to extract the best out of its ingredients while catering to the guest’s personal preference.